A European Future, or: How I Learned to Start Posting

by volpower
5 years ago

Gathering on a small hill, thirsty for knowledge, ambitious for action and open for new ideas, we came together under a common flag to learn from each other. In the couple of days I spent in the small place close to Zagreb, I took a lot with me. 

Blog post by Fabian de Zordo, Vienna Team

Hero image by Asia De Lorenzi

 A major part was the abilities, skills and insights in the craftmanship of social media. We came up with ideas and refined them together, filmed together, cut together, even abandoned whole projects for better ideas and watched the faces of others when we showed our end results, together. We learned what it meant to be doing what so many do and is not recognized often. Being involved in creating content that ultimately should spark emotions, belief and excitement about just anything that you personally care about is a tough task, and I surely needed some update on what is possible and what is not.

The other major insight I got was not so much from the formal training, but from the informal parts of the stay on the hill. We had to walk back and forth from the place we slept to the place where we had our training. It was quite a walk, through a forest and rather steep at times. In this picturesque atmosphere I got to know some people that had a completely different background, people I would probably not get to know so much in my everyday life. But coming from different backgrounds we knew that what unites us is not so much the past, but the future, the outlook. All of us volunteer in one thing or another. It really is no difference if you volunteer as a football coach in a rainy field in Scotland or teach people about your culture somewhere in Slovenia. It really is not.

And so, we gathered with the same ambitions, with the same desire for action, with the same conviction to do something good. And we came together under the common European flag to show others that this future is ours if we just act. 

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“From the editor: Fabian participated in the International Volunteer Event (10-14 June 2019) as part of the Austrian team of volunteers selected by the Austrian Academy of Sciences.”