Zagreb 2019 - What I have taken from this experience

by volpower
5 years ago

Attending Zagreb in June has helped me come away feeling more confident in myself in and around new environments which will help me take control of my dance sessions. 

Blog post by Amy Daly, Glasgow Team

 It has also shown me that sharing my ideas, experiences and opinions with other people from around the world lets us see that we aren’t all that different and that we can create new ideas together, share and make new experiences and form new opinions on things we never had thought about before. 

The biggest thing I will take from my time with Volpower in Zagreb is the unity and the sense of community between all the different cultures, backgrounds and ethnicities and that we can come together and do amazing things. This experience will help me with bringing the kids whom I teach together and showing and explaining to them that we can all come together – no matter the background, race, religion or where you come from – and become amazing together.