Markos’s work at Kantina - Why do I volunteer?

by volpower
5 years ago

I volunteer because it makes me connected to the society, it makes me feel at home where I am and bring good vibes to the city. 

Blog post by Markos Teklu

The first year of my life in Europe was so painful, as I was shocked by how social life happens in Europe. So, I decided to use social aspects from my culture to bring people together and educate them about people from different countries and cultures.

Therefore, at Kantina we offer a lot of social activities: 

  • movie nights of movies made by immigrants from different countries,
  • food,
  • immigrant writers telling their stories of life struggles.

We also offer the Eritrean coffee ceremony, to which we allow people to take part just when they come with 3 or more friends. The idea is, without changing our culture, to introduce to other people, make them more social and have fun.

“From the editor: Markos participated in the International Volunteer Event in Zagreb (10-14 June 2019) as part of the Slovene team of volunteers selected by the APIS Institute. Within the Volpower project, he volunteers for Cirkokrog.”