Fabian’s answer - Why do I volunteer?

by volpower
5 years ago

I am 27 now, and I started engaging in voluntary activities quite some time ago.

Blog post by Fabian

Why did I do that? Why did I end up in a Film Festival that promotes cinema from the the CEE region? And what exactly were the reasons I became part of a refugee supporting organization? If you’d asked me five years ago if I thought I’d end up in a cultural association where I co-organize a music festival, I’d surely said no. And why did I take the chance and get involved in the #Volpower project? The answer might be a blunt one: I cannot tell.

Fabian and his friends

But what I know is that I could have stopped at any point, in the first volunteering project already. But I did not do so. The thought did not even strike me. And that alone tells a story. I can contribute to an organization that does amazing work and even have fun doing so. And not just fun. The people I met throughout the years, all the joking in good times and the shoulders one can turn to in times when stress is overwhelming, they still remind me of why volunteering is rewarding, those people, or, rather, friends.

“From the editor: Fabian participated in the International Volunteer Event in Zagreb (10-14 June 2019) as part of the Austrian team of volunteers selected by the Austrian Academy of Sciences.”

Hero image photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash