VOLPOWER Summary Report on Innovative Approaches to Sports Volunteering

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Glasgow Caledonian University: Dr Fiona Reid, Dr Fiona Skillen, Prof Umut Korkut, Dr Maggie Laidlaw, Marcus Nicholson, Doga Atalay

Austrian Academy of Sciences: Dr Ursula Reeger, Dr Astrid Mattes, Marie Lehner

Volpower explores how youth volunteering in sports and arts activities can serve as a mechanism for social integration for youth. Sport and arts activities by their very nature demand high levels of interaction between participants. We believe that this interaction could help to foster, and facilitate community building and mutual understanding. In particular, we will be working with EU Nationals (EUNs) and Third Country Nationals (TCNs) in order to understand the challenges TCNs face when settling within a new community. We hope that our research will demonstrate the power that volunteering can have in terms of empowering individuals within their local communities.

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