Zavod APIS / APIS Institute is a non-profit non-governmental organisation based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It was established in 2012 as socially engaged institute with a vision to promote social inclusion, intercultural dialogue and respect for human rights through different artistic and educational mediums. ​Our work can be encapsulated in a slogan: “Arts for social change!”
We use digital storytelling, animations and cross media approach to inform about contemporary social and humanitarian issues. We transform personal testimonies into art, education and advocacy materials, we develop educational multimedia toolkits and disseminate them widely. We actively include underrepresented groups with special focus on migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, underprivileged and socially engaged youth in our activities. We support their artistic expression through different mediums (music, photography, video/film, cross media approaches​) and provide them with the space to exhibit/present their work to the public.
Through our activities we give voice to the socially excluded or marginalized people. Through educational activities we aim to empower the vulnerable and contribute to their integration by providing them with additional knowledge about digital storytelling tools as photography, video, documentary, cross media/transmedia approaches. Besides educational activities that usually result in exhibitions, development of educational materials or video production, we regularly organize exhibitions all over Slovenia and screenings to present the produced work in the form of documentary films, short films, photo series, transmedia exhibitions etc.


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Romana Zajec (Programme Director, Co-founder)

Since she completed her philosophy studies she has been working as a radio journalist, video-journalist, documentary filmmaker, scriptwriter and producer of socially engaged exhibitions, films and  events. Social themes are the primary focus of her work. Asylum seekers, refugees and understanding different forms of discrimination intrigue her attention and awake curiosity about human beings.
As a programme director, she dedicates her time to the content development of the Institute, partnership-building and the inclusion of new members. She works on the development of educational programs, trainings focused on the integration of vulnerable groups, and  on projects of socially engaged art production. She conducts video trainings and trains vulnerable groups, youth workers and members of NGOs in video production.
She is experienced in various programs (national and European calls, Erasmus+ projects). She was participant and later coordinator of  international training initiative for media professionals ESoDoc – European Social Documentary in Slovenia, supported by Creative Europe´s sub-program MEDIA. She also brought FRAME Photo Maraton to Slovenia, joining an international network of photo marathon organisers bridging South and North Mediterranean countries.

Francesca Lori (Assistant Project Manager)

Master’s graduate in International Relations at the University of Trieste and Diploma graduate in Violin at the Conservatory of Trieste, she works as Assistant Project Manager at the APIS Institute. Her multi-faceted personality is reflected in the heterogeneity of her passions and interests. During her academic path she has investigated social capital and developed a strong curiosity about the impact of cultural factors, and specifically the persistence of traditional gender roles, on socio-economic development. She is highly interested in learning and acquisition processes. Music, together with dance, are an essential part of her life.

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