Tmnit on volunteering as community-building - Why do I volunteer?

by volpower
5 years ago

Volunteering for me is what being a community truly means: to help each other, to connect with each other and to include each other. 

Blog post by Tmnit


I volunteer because I realized that for Eritrean newcomers, volunteers including diaspora like me are also who they need, aside from the government’s assistance. People who understand their background as well as the culture and system here in the Netherlands and can help them find their way here and achieve their goals. I like to contribute to this and it feels rewarding knowing you’ve helped them. 

They often also just want to connect with the locals, which is where volunteering also plays an important role through its activities, where people come together. It gives them the possibility to introduce themselves, to be heard, receive motivational support, get involved, boost their confidence and to connect with the local community. 

Volunteering helps my community as a whole to understand one another and to create bonding among different people in the community.

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“From the editor: Tmnit participated in the International Volunteer Event as part of the Dutch team of volunteers selected by Erasmus University Rotterdam. She volunteers for Stichting Lemat.”